Monday 25 May 2015

'Rage of the Dying Race': Converted Herald completed

Of all the races of the galaxy, the Eldar's souls shine brightest in the Warp. 10,000 years ago this led to their doom, when the echoes of their lusts combined to form a new god, Slaanesh, whose birth tore the Eldar Empire apart and created the Great Eye. Ever since, the Eldar have sought to control their emotions, to prevent such an event from happening again. But it is a hard road, and anger is one emotion it is hard to contain. The Rage of the Dying Race is a Herald of Khorne, formed from the overflowing fury of the Eldar: every time that an Exarch screams hatred at their foes; an Exodite vows revenge on aliens who have stepped upon their world; a Corsair spits in fury at an ambush gone wrong; or an ousted Archon curses their exile from Commorragh.

Nothing really to say about this guy's painting: I did what you'd expect, pretty much. Brass armour, red for revealed skin, glowing green things, white/grey skulls and helmet: just like the rest of my daemons.

Now on to painting marines. Lots of marines. 3 layers of red paint later, I've done the basic armour and am moving on to blacking out the bone areas:

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