Monday 19 December 2016

Techno-Barbarian Berserkers

Khorne clearly owns my soul. I'm working on a Unification-Era project, and decide to add some of the Emperor's foes, gene-bulked techno-berserkers. And then accidentally manage to make new models for my Daemonkin Army. Ah well! Here we have my first three three frothing mad berserkers. I'm no longer clear if they're from pre-Unity Terra, or the Khornate hoards of the 41st Millennium, or from Angron's pit-fighting pals in Nuceria: but they're definitely not just Age of Sigmar Khornate characters any more.

The conversions are all fairly simple: Chaos backpacks, ork nob weapons, Skitarii sicarian heads.

And this final dude is probably my counts-as Kharn, if I ever want to run him:

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