Wednesday 11 May 2016

Converted Orruk Megaboss

Long time, no posting... Sorry about that! Here's something to make up for it: a conversion of the new Age of Sigmar Orruk Megaboss. Original plan was possibly for a pre-discovery Angron, but he's just too big and I didn't have a head that fitted which could be Angron (was tempted by the Ogre head with the chainmail face mask for a bit?) Instead he's ended up as a mini-Daemon Prince, some sort of Terminator Lord on the path to ascension. In game I'll probably run him as a Lord-on-Jugger, have him join the Bone Collectors (my Bloodcrushers).

He's been a fairly simple conversion. Head and axe head from a Daemon Prince, shoulders are the rear pads of a Forge Fiend, neck is from a Jugger. Plus a load of green stuff to fill the gaps left by not putting on the main torso armour, and a few extra bits & bobs (Khorne icon on his loincloth, DP loincloth on his rear, random grill from somewhere on his back).

Look how big he is! I really didn't realise when I bought him, thought he was a bit of a rip-off until I started making him. But no, he's worth it.

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