Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hans Kho'ren's Skull Takers

My force of Hans Kho'ren's Skull Takers grow, with two standard Chaos Space Marine squads. All with the skull-and-gladiatorial shoulder pads, which will be spread across the army.

Their upper halves are primarily from Chaos Space Marines, with Chaos Warrior axes (a nice brutal "Skull Taker" vibe) and the legs again drawn from my bits box. They have been fighting the Long War in a very casualty-heavy way for 10,000 years: their armour is salvaged and scavenged, their ranks expanded by more recent defectors as well as the original World Eaters. So not all of it has nice brass edging. All of the helmets are horned because all of the serious troops in my Daemonkin (from the Bloodthirsters to the Bloodletters and everyone in-between) have horned helmets.

This squad is made up of more recent recruits, ferocious barbarian warriors who have been gene-bulked and strapped into power armour. Their helmets, from a mix of Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights, show their primitive origins. The legs of the champions of both squads, surviving members of the original World Eaters legion, have Wrathmonger legs. This makes them nice and big, almost true-scaled, which I like. I trimmed their tassets off their plackarts, as their upper legs looked a bit blank without them.

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