Sunday, 3 May 2015

Possessed Chaos Space Marines

Here's the first squad that I've built for Hans Kho'ren's Skull Takers, a squad of Possessed. These guys seem pretty essential for Daemonkin, as adding them will enable me to have a Slaughtercult at the core of a Blood Host. Free Blood Tithe points is always good!

Their shoulder pads display their allegiance, matching the ones used by the rest of the Skull Takers. All of Hans Khoren's men wear one gladiatorial shoulder pad, reflecting their father Angron's past. The Skull Takers believe that they should emulate their primarch as much as possible, continually remaking themselves in his image, and this is part of that. Their other shoulder pad is always a skull, proudly displaying their loyalty to Hans Kho'ren, the Skull Taker, commander of the 19th Company of the World Eaters.

The torso, heads, and arms are all from the standard Possessed kit; the backpacks are from Chaos Space Marines; the legs are a mish-mash of random Space Marine bits that have been clogging up my bits box for too long; the shoulder pads are from Berserkers and Marauders. The Champion's legs are from the new WFB Khorne Wrathmongers, lovely pieces.

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