Monday, 19 January 2015

Counts-as Bloodcrushers

My initial 1,500pts force is going to feature 2 units of Bloodletters, 2 Bloodthirsters, 3 Soul Grinders (using my Daemon-Knights models) and a unit of Bloodcrushers. So here are the Bloodcrushers, and I have a valid army!

The key theme in this army is Bloodthirsters, and I wanted my Bloodcrushers to fit in with that. So I've gone for a more upright bestial feel rather than the traditional Bloodletters-on-Juggers, using Vampire Counts Vargheists as the core. They're still around the same size as Bloodcrushers, and I think that their statline looks appropriate, so hopefully no-one will complain.

Everyone in the army has horned helmets - for these guys, I've gone with Epic Warlord heads and horns that were originally spikes on a Tyranid Trygon (I used the Trygon tail on one of my Daemon-Knights). I've also given them a bit of armour, shoulder plates and bionic jaws from an old Ork Boys sprue.

The core of the models is the Vampire Counts Vargheist/Crypt Horror kit - I've used the Vargheist hairy backs and the Crypt Horror arms (with some hands swapped for Ogre Bull hands). I now also have a pile of spare wings, which I'm sure will come in handy later...

And one last shot, all the Khorne models that I've made this week! It's been a productive one :) I still need to base them before painting begins, but then we're ready to roll.

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