Wednesday, 4 February 2015

500pt Bloodletter force

Painting is proceeding slowly, but tonight my half-finished Bloodletters are going for a little skirmish - my first game with Daemons... It's a Combat Patrol themed event, 500pts, no 2+ / 3++ saves, no models with 3 wounds or more, no named characters, no fliers, no vehicles with more than 33 armour. 1-2 Troops, 0-1 of everything else. For Khorne that leaves Bloodletters, foot Heralds, and Flesh Hounds. And I don't have any Hounds...

Games last 4 turns or until a Warlord dies. Either with a single central objective or kill points.

So this is my list:
Herald of Khorne- Warlord, 1 Lesser Reward, 1 Greater Reward, Exalted Locus = 110pts
Herald of Khorne- 1 Lesser Reward, 1 Greater Reward = 85pts
Herald of Khorne- 1 Exalted Reward = 85pts
19 Bloodletters- 1 Instrument, 1 Banner of Blood= 220pts

The plan is to put everything together and charge :D Not the most in-depth plan, it must be admitted.

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